Hi Im Jennifer! 

I am the owner of Jennifer Shannon Fitness! Im 42 years old, mammy to 3 gorgeous girls and have lived in Dublin 15 for 22 years.  When I was diagnosed with the condition called PVNS (Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis), which is an irritation of muscles and tissue that leads to painful muscle spasms, it became clear how important exercise is for not just physical health but also mental wellbeing.

I had surgery in 2012 followed by intense treatment meant not only did i need thorough rehabilitation but would be monitor throughout my recovery process so they could prescribe exercises accordingly based on where we were at post-procedure

I had a passion for fitness from an early age and wanted to share it with others. In 2014, after years of training at the gym on my own time while working full-time as well, I decided that enough was enough; this is what I’m going back to college to study! When I was qualified my neighbour asked me to train with her in the local field, which I happily did, and before I knew it I had women walking by asking to join in.

It started In May 2014 in afield with 2 ladies, which grew over 4 months to 35 ladies. When September came and the weather changed it was time to either head in doors or pull the plug on it! I couldn’t let these ladies down as they loved the 2 hours a week to escape busy family life at home and have some fun while getting fit!!!!

We started in Castaheany Community Centre in September 2014 and the classes went from strength to strength.  Word of mouth spread and before I knew it I had to add more classes and look for more Halls to cater for different days.

I ended up doing 5 classes a week including Boot Camp, LegsBum&Tum and a Fit Box class. The ladies loved the LegsBum&Tum, while the men loved the fit box!!!!

Then COVID Hit!!

We did Facebook Lives for 6 months, zoom classes for another 8 month and then we eventually found our new studio.

It was very hard to try keep everyone motivated let alone myself but we did it together and I am so proud of what we achieved over that time.